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Tirana Business University

Entrepreneurial Students

Entrepreneurial Students

Tirana Business University supports entrepreneurial student initiatives. There are 23 Bachelor and Master students who have started their entrepreneurship or have taken the lead in family businesses. Below are some prominent examples: 

Arbër Kadia, Professional Master in Business Administration

Founder, The Funky Moustache 

The Funky Moustache is more than just a nutritionist, is a pioneering and innovative concept, a community space of people who are passionate about sharing ideas about health, well-being, healing and self-education, and recognizing the ability wonderful body parts to heal

Ariola Isufaj, Professional Master in Business Administration

Administrator, Fresh Line Homemade Cosmetic Albania

Fresh Line Homemade Cosmetic Albania has started its activity in Tirana in October 2013, dedicated to 100% bio cosmetic products. Today, it is ranked among the most preferred companies in Albania for its quality products.

Elton Saliaj, Bachelor in Business Administration

Founder, NeoCharger

NeoCharger is conceived as a desktop device for bars, restaurants, hotels, workstations, etc. that gets energy from a rechargeable battery and enables fast charging through alternate elongation.

Ersen Dushi, Professional Master in Business Administration, with Profile Finance and Accounting

Founder, Digital Foot

Digital Foot, is conceived as an application that aims to provide travel convenience and information on tourist destinations.

Mariglen Kaca, Bachelor in Business Administration

Founder, Tirana Bike

 Tirana Bike is conceived as a company that offers customized bicycles according to customer tastes.